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As a responsible paper products distributor, GEHK is fully aware of the importance of sustainable sourcing to the protection of our environment, which forms a key part of its customer promise and one of the principle drivers behind its supply chain. It adheres to and exceeds many global environmental standards, supplying premier sustainable paper products to its customers and protecting the environment.

APP has implemented one of the most comprehensive forest conservation policies in the industry. In June 2012, APP launched its Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020. This remains the company’s comprehensive guide for achieving a sustainable operating model.


Forest Conservation Policy (FCP)

On 5th February 2013, APP announced the Forest Conservation Policy, of which key aspects include:

  • A strict zero deforestation policy (end to natural forest clearance);
  • Commitment to peatland protection;
  • Adoption of global best practices human rights principles;
  • Sustainable sourcing process and policies across its entire supply chain.

In April 2014, APP committed to supporting the restoration and conservation of 1 million hectares of natural forests across Indonesia. Please visit www.asiapulppaper.com/sustainability to learn more about APP's sustainability commitment.


Paper Contract with China

APP China pledges its efforts to minimize its environmental impact and to ensure that APP China ’s social and economic impact in China is resoundingly positive.

This pledge specifically takes into account sustainable plantation practices, green pulp and paper production, a reduction in energy consumption and emissions, corporate social responsibility and community support and empowerment.

APP China 's commitments include:

  • To continuously seek and improve sustainable forestry and conservation practices in the areas where we operate;
  • To contribute to the fight against global warming by implementing measures to conserve energy, reduce emissions, and improve our production capabilities whilst engaging employees to support the company’s environmental initiatives;
  • To continue its commitment to community empowerment by promoting economic growth, creating job opportunities, investing in infrastructure in rural areas, and building schools where we operate;
  • To promote the sharing platform with related stakeholders, including the government, industry associations, academia, NGO, media and other pulp & paper enterprises.

Please visit www.app.com.cn for more details.