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Food waste has a significant economic, environmental and social cost. Reducing food waste is critical to the environment of Hong Kong and the well-being of its citizens. Food packaging is a simple yet effective solution to reduce the amount of food waste. Packaging can also be used to extend the shelf life of food so it is available for consumption for much longer and thus, reducing waste. Not...



The radio reports APP's media tour in Hainan and discusses the topic of whether it's more environmentally-friendly by reaching a 'paperless era'.  Dr. Huang Wending, Mr. Sun Bingjian and Mr. Anthony Chang shared their views on the 'paperless era'.


The Phoenix U Radio reports its media tour in Hainan and demonstrates how advanced technologies are being applied to growing and managing  plantations in a sustainable way in APP. Dr. Huang Wending was quoted on the advantages of growing Eucalyptus.


2014-10-14 China Daily

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